Sanguine – Outgoing

The Sanguine is the most extroverted temperament.  Words used to describe a Sanguine include warm, outgoing, caring, friendly, a talker, and, sometimes, ‘touchy feely’.

The hypothetical “pure” Sanguine would be the ultimate friend and encourager.  They are often perceived as “happy-go-lucky” without a care in the world.  Usually an extrovert, the Sanguine’s world exists almost entirely “out there”; in other words, reality for them is what they see, hear, taste, and touch.  There is very little of the withdrawn thinker in them; they process their thoughts and feelings by speaking them aloud, oftentimes without thinking about what they are saying, showing much censorship, or how what they say might be perceived by others, which means that others may hear more than they wanted or expected once the Sanguine gets going.

Each temperament has weaknesses; for the Sanguine that means a complete lack of organization and drive.  They will talk about what they want to do for hours but have almost no ability to put those thoughts into some kind of plan of execution.  This lack of organization will also manifest in messiness.  Their workspace will be piled with papers and books, and they will jokingly tell others not to touch anything since they know exactly where everything is in the mess.

A Sanguine will comfort and encourage you and can almost always find something positive to say when you are in distress.  It may be agreeable at first when a Sanguine turns the entire focus of their attention on you but it may quickly become irritating.  You may think “there are times for lightheartedness and times to be serious, and I wish they would be a bit more serious here.”


The Sanguine friend may be the type that shows up unannounced and then stays for no apparent reason and, perhaps, also make themselves too much at home by raiding your refrigerator.  Their response may be something like, “I knew you wouldn’t mind, so I helped myself.”  They are also the most likely to say things aloud that may be embarrassing or seem out of place in the conversation.


The extroverted Sanguine is a combination of warm friend and irritating companion all rolled up into one.

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