Phlegmatic – Easy Going

The quietest of the four temperaments, the Phlegmatic is easy going and calm.  Apparently unruffled by turmoil, the Phlegmatic seems almost unmoved by circumstances that drive others crazy.  In fact, a Phlegmatic may seem so quiet and unconcerned that their behavior has been mistaken for snobbishness, which is usually the farthest from the truth.  A Phlegmatic is an excellent listener; though they may have difficulty in expressing the empathy that they feel.

Unlike Cholerics and Melancholies, who usually have strong and distinct feelings about an issue, the Phlegmatic is often able to see both sides of a situation which can make them good counselors.  However, this trait may make them seem weak to those who have strong opinions and cannot easily compromise.

The main weakness of the Phlegmatic is fear and anxiety.  Though it probably doesn’t show on the surface, fear and anxiety can paralyze the Phlegmatic and keep them from moving forward in life.  It usually surprises others when they find this out about the Phlegmatic as it is most likely hidden beneath a calm exterior.  Another area of weakness is laziness.  Remember that we are discussing the hypothetical “pure” Phlegmatic; these individuals have a lower level of drive and ambition than other temperaments; they are often perceived as “reactors” instead of “initiators”.

Because of their ability to see different sides of an issue and their listening ability, Phlegmatics can make excellent group leaders and managers thought they will not often actively seek these positions for themselves.

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