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If there were such a thing as a “pure” Choleric, they would rule the world.  A Choleric is goal-driven beyond anything else.  They see a desired end and head toward it by the shortest possible route.  And the shortest possible route for a Choleric is a straight line – any obstacles are simply bulldozed out of the way; there is no going around or avoiding barriers.

And in many ways this is highly admirable; Cholerics get things done.  So what’s the downside? The route to accomplishing their end often runs right over others in their path.  A person who is perceived as an obstacle or barrier is not to be avoided but gone directly over or through. Secondly, a Choleric’s focus will change over time.  You may feel honored to have their complete focus at a certain point in time but feel slighted when that focus shifts to the next goal or obstacle to be conquered.

Remembering that we’re discussing a hypothetical “pure” Choleric, it should be obvious that most Cholerics don’t literally bowl people over physically – most of them can at least function in society on a daily basis.

The second major characteristic of a “pure” Choleric is an absolute assurance that they are right in whatever they believe.  Once convinced of something, a Choleric will not change how they feel or believe – even in the face of contradictory evidence.

Because of these two inborn traits, Cholerics are often loners; they prefer to work alone instead of having to put up with the weaknesses and shortcomings of others.  Additionally, because of these traits, a Choleric is most likely to hold a grudge when they feel they have been wronged.

A drive to accomplish ends plus an internal assurance of the rightness of their point of view makes them hold onto anger for long periods of time.  This trait is rarely expressed as outward rage but as a smoldering anger that will often be expressed in sarcasm, argument, or even revenge.

So a “pure” Choleric is a force of nature; driven by their own internal compass.

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  1. Hmm, based on the descriptions, I’d dnileitefy be melancholic-choleric. Yay, introverts I think I would enjoy planning the party menu. Mingling with people is great, but after a lot of conversation with so many folks, I would need my moments of solitude.Opposites attract. The hero I’m writing about now happens to be a sanguine personality. He gets along very well with others, for the most part, and is usually bright and chipper. The only bitterness he harbors is to a young lady that jilted him a few years ago. The plot puts him in a battle to overcome unforgiveness and resentment.Would it be cheating if I thought that Jesus possessed all four of the personality types? He is our leader (choleric), looks forward to the day when the church will become His bride (sanguine), instructs us in detail on how to live and gain eternal life (melancholic) and is the Bringer of Peace (phlegmatic).

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