The 4 Temperament Types

1) Choleric – often referred to as a Type A personality, the Choleric is a hard driving, goal-oriented person who is more concerned with accomplishing their agenda and less with how it affects other people.

2) Sanguine – of the four types, the Sanguine is the most naturally warm, social, and outgoing.  These individuals are comfortable with social interaction; they are outwardly emotional, highly verbal, and have a tendency to be ‘touchers’.

3) Phlegmatic – The defining characteristics of a Phlegmatic are a calm, easy-going manner.  Often quiet, Phlegmatics are less comfortable socially and may be thought of as introverts or ‘snobs’.


4) Melancholy – the Melancholy temperament is marked by a highly analytical nature which often verges on being critical.  These traits also make the Melancholy the most naturally organized of the four types.

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