What is a phlegmatic sanguine?

A Phlegmatic-Sanguine (High S – High i in the DiSC) temperament is a combination of the phlegmatic and sanguine temperaments. Individuals with this temperament tend to have a blend of the traits and characteristics associated with both of these temperaments.

The phlegmatic temperament is characterized by a calm, easy-going nature and a desire to avoid conflict. People with a phlegmatic temperament tend to be introverted, preferring to spend time alone or in small groups of people they know well. They are often described as thoughtful, patient, and diplomatic.

On the other hand, the sanguine temperament is associated with a lively and outgoing personality. People with a sanguine temperament tend to be extroverted and enjoy socializing with others. They are often described as cheerful, optimistic, and enthusiastic.

When these two temperaments are combined, the phlegmatic-sanguine individual may exhibit a calm and easy-going demeanor while also having a more sociable and outgoing side. They may enjoy spending time with others, but also value their alone time. They may be good listeners and able to empathize with others, while also being able to share their own thoughts and feelings.

It’s important to note that everyone is unique, and individuals with the phlegmatic-sanguine temperament may exhibit different traits and characteristics depending on their life experiences and individual personalities. The phlegmatic-sanguine temperament is just one way of categorizing personality traits, and it is not a definitive description of any one person.

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