My partner is a sanguine-melancholic, what is this temperaments deepest need?

The sanguine-melancholic temperament (High-I, High C in the DiSC assessment) is a combination of two different temperaments, and as a result, the individual may have different needs that arise from each temperament. However, in general, the deepest need of a sanguine-melancholic is likely to be a balance of stimulation and emotional security.

Sanguine individuals are typically outgoing, sociable, and enjoy being around others. They often seek stimulation and excitement in their lives. In contrast, melancholic individuals tend to be more introverted and introspective, and may prefer quieter, more reflective activities. They often desire emotional security and stability.

When these two temperaments are combined, the sanguine-melancholic may have a complex set of needs that include both a desire for social interaction and a need for emotional stability. They may crave new experiences and adventures, but also require a sense of safety and security in their relationships.

To fulfill their deepest needs, a sanguine-melancholic may benefit from having a supportive partner who can provide them with emotional stability and security while also being open to new experiences and social activities. They may also benefit from engaging in activities that balance their need for stimulation with their need for reflection and emotional processing.

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