Temperament Percentages

I got an email a while back asking about a breakdown of temperaments by percentage.  Here’s the letter:

“Hello, I have known about the four temperaments since the late ’90s and have taken several personality tests.  I recently bought a book that says that only 3% of people have Choleric as their primary temperament, 11% Sanguine, 17% Melancholy and a whopping 69% Phlegmatic.  I am a Choleric Sanguine which would make me the most rreof the 16 combos.  Are these percentages accurate, in the ball park, or totally off?  Matthew”

I’ve never thought about that aspect of temperament; I’ve always focused on how each type interacts in life.  However, it doesn’t seem right to me.  Marti Laney in her book “The Introvert Advantage” says that extroverts make up 75% of all people and introverts only 25%.  Cholerics and Sanguines are typically extroverts so the percentages you mention don’t seem right to me.  Also, in my experience, there just isn’t that large a percentage of easy-going, laid-back people!

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  1. I attended many of Florence’s cefneronces including when she explained about the types. She was a dynamic and humerous speaker.Also Dad & I used to use her condo in Palm Springs that she had available for the writers to use.

  2. Billie, I agree that understanding pesrnoality profiles can be useful! In my personal case, however, a lot of my pesrnoality characteristics were a result of life circumstances. I also find that often people (including myself) use their pesrnoality type as an excuse for bad behavior. I love the Personality Plus book. I just don’t think it’s always as cut and dry as the book would lead people to believe. And I think we always have to allow God to move us outside of our boxes and pesrnoality profiles if He so leads. Thanks for the feedback!

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