Hard to Be an Introvert?

Not sure who asked me that question but I thought I’d take a swing at it.  Being introverted or extroverted just “IS” – as I’ve said many times, our temperament is inborn and our behaviors grow out of it.

But being an introvert is easy because you were made that way so all the stuff that comes with being introverted — a need to be alone to recharge, being introspective, an active “inner life” — seems natural.

So how is it difficult?  Living in an extroverted world casues stress for many introverts.  Stress from having to interact with what my daughter calls “evil extroverts”, stress from being misunderstood or seen as aloof or conceited, stress from pressure to be “more like others”.

The strongest comments I’ve gotten have to do with introverts discovering that it’s okay to be that way; the way they naturally are.

After years of being told to speak up, don’t be shy, come out of your shell and you’ll be happier, we have the chance to be understood for who we are.


One thought on “Hard to Be an Introvert?”

  1. No one is 100% introvert, 100% erevaxtrt. Many of us are ambiverts. But for the most part we lean one way or the other. I really love this line Deb It’s definitely true because people will always feel both need to be alone and be with others. Like you, I’m an introvert and I’m perfectly happy doing many things by myself. And this is the reason why I feel really fulfilled as a home-based/online worker.Shelon recently posted..

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